Benefits of Service Learning

The Community

Communities benefit from volunteerism in so many ways.

  • Problems are solved by interested stakeholders.
  • The members of the community bond and work collaboratively.
  • The larger general population becomes aware of and helps address the needs of the smaller community.
  • Communities develop a shared vision of their future and work toward making life better.

The Volunteer

Volunteers benefit intrinsically from community service in sometimes unexpected ways.

  • Develop a work ethic to see a project through to the end.
  • Broaden their perspective of the world and its diverse and inclusive citizens.
  • Discover hidden talents and interests.
  • Uncover biases, dislikes, and aversions.
  • Grow character by focusing on others.
  • Learn to interact with diverse people.
  • Discover the intrinsic rewards of a job well done.
  • Build stamina to solve difficult problems.
  • Develop leadership, communication, and management skills
  • Build teamwork and organizational skills
  • Build confidence in your own ideas and abilities.




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