Military Service/ Veterans

Military personnel and veterans are an integral part of every community, yet each local and global community struggles with issues regarding these citizens. Some people openly support military members and veterans, while others do not. Also, many veterans return from service with residual medical issues that require long term care and rehabilitation.

Issues related to Military Service and Veterans:

  • Affordable housing
  • Gender/ Racial equity
  • Health care
  • Family support for active-duty personnel
  • Children of absentee family members
  • Job Retraining
  • Downsizing Military
  • Frequent relocation
  • Educational parity due to relocation
  • JROTC program funding
  • SROTC funding
  • Economic impact of state military bases
  • Economics of building/ upkeep of ships and planes
  • Weapon disposal
  • Demobilization

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