Graduation Project

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Graduation Project Informational Brochure:

Components of the Graduation Project:

  • Research with formal paper: Usually completed during the 11th 
  • Product: Service Learning Experience:  May be completed in 11th or 12th grade year
  • Portfolio: Collect evidence of effort put forth: Ongoing collection of artifacts
  • Presentation to panel of judges: Usually completed during the 12th grade year

When you are choosing a topic, it is a smart idea to think about the service project you can do. Your service and topic should be closely related. You may work on both the research and product simultaneously.

Your portfolio is a collection of evidence of your research, effort put into a service learning experience, artifacts from your work, and any documentation you have collected.

In your presentation, focus on these three things:

  •      What did you learn from your research and service learning?
  •      What impact did you make in your community as a result?
  •      How has the Graduation Project changed you?

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