Many teachers are finding that incorporating service learning in their curriculum brings a level of rigor and relevance that students enjoy. As you explore the links provided and design your own learning experience, keep in mind a few questions:

  • What is my intended purpose for including a service learning experience?
  • What considerations do I need to include in my planning (monetary, time commitment, permissions, etc)?
  • How does this experience connect to my curriculum standards?
  • Is this experience a worthy and relevant task for the investment of time and effort?

SPECIAL NOTE:  All students should be able to participate in a service learning experience. Teachers should include each student’s needs in their planning. Modifications to the projects based on student need, ability, and educational plan are encouraged and expected.

Special Link for teachers:  The following link is for VolunteerMatch.org. This service offers you a great place to start to find organizations in our area that need help. While it focuses on volunteering, it may give you some ideas about how you can make an impact in the community in areas you had not thought of before. volunteermatch.org

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